Inkanyezi Early Childhood Development Centre

The centre fights for equality by bringing the best teaching methods and learning aids. By investing in the biggest assets (our children), the future can only be brighter. The programme also creates job and assists trainers to further their dreams in child dominated fields. Also, 90 % of the staff employed are female.

About Us

Inkanyezi Early Childhood Development (ECD) centre was initially established in 1981  and it was then known as Khanyisani ECD centre. In 2009 we renamed it as Inkanyezi ECD Centre. Our mission is to provide affordable, high standard child care services to the community with limited access to such.

The first 1 000 days of a child’s life contribute tremendously on how the child turns out to be. Those days can shape the child’s future and have long-lasting effects. This is the most fragile stage for a child. A solid foundation offers more chances for success, reduces chances of dropping out of school thus reducing unemployment, poverty and crime. Children learn to think and reason from an early age, therefore become confident and great individuals through the programme.

The centre offers a chance for a great start, giving the children from 0 – 6 years a fair chance to grow optimally and holistically (physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively). The centre provides access to high quality education (to children with minimal access to such) by offering best resources that enhance and stimulate growth to a child. While the practitioners and volunteers are equipped and trained in ECD care and contribute positively to the growth of the team. The aim is to fight inequality.

Our Objective

Provide a Safe Place for Children

Provide quality and affordable education

Provide healthy meals three times a day

Help alleviate poverty and reduce inequality

Prepare learners for formal school

Produce confident and responsible individuals who will contribute positively to their families and community

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